3:00pm, July 13, 2016

Almost everyone arrested at the #BlackLivesMatter actions in Baton Rouge to protest the killing of Alton Sterling has been bonded out of jail thanks to the dedication of families, the broader Baton Rouge community, hundreds of legal volunteers, and thousands of supporters. Over 5,200 people from around the world made donations sufficient to cover all the bonds, fines, and fees. “As long as the movement needs us, the team we have built is committed to continuing to provide pro bono legal services and broader movement legal support to ensure that the people’s voice can be heard over the roar of state violence”, says Sima Atri, an attorney volunteering with the Legal Team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Baton Rouge movement leader Ada Goodly (Treasurer of Louisiana NLG), worked closely with a young woman who was unlawfully arrested, and freed with the Baton Rouge Bail Fund. Goodly relayed this statement from the arrested: “We are out now and have amazing people working in our behalf. While we were incarcerated many guards made fun of us and mocked our chants, and many asked us if we had learned our lesson and if we would ever attend a rally again. Well, the answer is yes. Because now I am not on the other side looking in, I am no longer watching the problem. I am living it. We will not be quiet about this. This will not end.” The young woman is now reunited with her family after the chaos surrounding the police escalation Sunday, July 10.

And for those who will never reunite with their loved ones – Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Eric Harris – #BlackLivesMatter

The NLG community thanks everyone who continues to give generously of their time, energy, and prayers. Black youth must not continue to live in fear of police brutality and murder, those images now continually flashed across Twitter and other social media. Accountability for these unconstitutional actions has been demanded, and we will continue to work to protect the 1st Amendment Right to assemble.

Tracie L. Washington, Esq.,, 504.478.7008
Sima Atri, Esq., New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice, 504-264-4209,
Ada Goodly,


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