Bail Fund Update (10/1/2016)

Since the murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge this year, the NLG quickly mobilized and organized its members who have been trained over the years to provide movement support to create the necessary facets of movement legal support for activists on the ground.  The NLG has operated a 24/7 legal hotline, trained and coordinated Legal Observers to monitor and document 1st amendment rights and civil rights violations, coordinated bail, provided jail support, assisted with criminal defense coordination, and worked with organizers on the ground.
The NLG created a bail fund to assist demonstrators who were arrested in the weekend after Alton Serling’s murder and has been in the process of creating more permanent infrastructure for the long-term management of the bail fund.  The new infrastructure will include a 3rd party non-profit to manage the collected donations and a local oversight board of the bail fund to provide responsible and ethical oversight and accountability over the use of those funds for social movement support.
While the NLG coordinates and work closely with non-profit legal service providers and individual attorneys who assist with movement support and direct representation, the NLG is not a legal services provider nor a law firm. The NLG is a membership organization of social justice, public interest, community-based, and movement law attorneys.
A handful of Baton Rouge-based NLG members are in the process of creating the Baton Rouge Legal Institute (BRLI), as a separate non-profit organization to provide quality longer-term legal support for social movements and advocacy for independent civilian oversight and accountability mechanisms for law enforcement.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.

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