Know Your Rights (Feb 2017)

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  1. Law enforcement commits to de-escalating contentious situations.
  2. Law enforcement commits to ensure use of traditional public forums for all persons in a manner safe for all. Public streets, sidewalks, and parks are recognized as “traditional public forums.” All persons have the right to assemble and engage in public for the purpose of peaceful public discourse and protest.
  3. Law enforcement will make every effort to identify which agency or who has authority to make decisions on-site.
  4. Law enforcement will make every effort to identify which agency or who has jurisdiction in a particular area.
  5. Law enforcement commits to issuing commands to disperse in a manner reasonably calculated to be communicated to all persons present.
  6. Law enforcement commits to providing reasonable exit avenues to disperse.
  7. Law enforcement commits to use only that level of force that is objectively reasonable to bring an incident under control, while ensuring the safety of people.
  8. Law enforcement commits to limit arrests to persons they reasonably believe have violated the law.



mou-imageAfter the Baton Rouge police killing of Mr. Alton Sterling and the suppression of First Amendment Rights in the Summer of 2016, in December 2016, a group of community organizers, attorneys, and protesters successfully demanded that Louisiana Department of Public Safety, Louisiana State Police, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department, and City of Baton Rouge Police Department enter a Memorandum of Understanding to establish the above commitments.

Report actions contrary to these commitments to

North Baton Rouge Matters


Document Prepared By: Baton Rouge Legal Institute, North Baton Rouge Matters, Southern University Law Center (SULC) Law School Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, Louisiana Chapter of National Lawyers Guild, and New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice

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