2016 Continuing Legal Education

Friday, December 9, 2016

8:30am – 5:00pm

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Case and File Management Practices for a Social Justice Practice

Mummi Ibrahim, Allison McCrary, Ursula Price

Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation in Practice

Elizabeth Cumming

Filing Federal Habeas Petitions for Immigrant Detainees

Jeremy JongMary Yanik

Panel Material:



NOWCRJ Chart on Immigration Habeas

Presentation, Best CLE Ever

Professionalism for Movement Lawyers

Sima AtriNikki ThanosNia Weeks

Environmental Justice Legal Advocacy in Louisiana

Colette Pichon BattleMike Brown, Monique Harden, Lisa Jordan

Moderator: Mauricio Sierra

Panel Material:

Harden, Monique, 2016, Lessons From the Environmental Justice Climate Justice Movement

Inter American Human Rights Commission Admissibility Ruling On Mossville Louisiana Human Rights Petition (2010)

Mossville Louisiana Human Rights Petition (2008)

Monique Harden, Louisiana NLG Presentation (2016)

Housing as a Human Right

Albert MarshallBruce Reilly, Renee Corrigan

Panel Material:

Applying HANO Background Policy Booklet

Fair Chance in Housing Act, VOTE 1 Pager

Healthy Homes Coalition 1 Pager

Thank You for Your Participation!

Your Louisiana NLG – 2016 CLE Planning Committee

Sima Atri, Alison McCrary, S. Mandisa Moore-O’Neal, May Nguyen, Al Page, Bruce Reilly, Mauricio Sierra, Nikki Thanos, Mary Yanik